April 30, 2010


Recently, I've been very much admiring the work of Carl Erickson, to say the least. 

An America illustrator born in the late 1890's, Erickson has a creative flair for depicting his subjects so well. The use of colour in his work appears so effective, intense and vibrant. Bringing to life his beautiful subjects which by making them look as if they are literally jumping off the page. 

Amongst his most colourful works, his black and white illustrative sketches showcases his sensitive yet critical approach to fashion drawing, particularly of garments and accessories. I adore his fluid inky style and considered gestural mark making, that is so precise yet free. He captivates his subjects perfectly exuding their glamour, elegance and class down to a t. 

Throughout his life, Erickson illustrated many French and American publications as well as many a notorious Vogue cover.

Looking at his illustrations is making me itch, i really want to do some new drawings soon. I have lots of ideas that have been filling my head for some time now. I just need to push myself...the longer i put it off the more i want to do work...so i gotta do something at some point!

Watch this space x

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