March 04, 2015

It's been a while ...

Hello everyone,

I haven't wrote a post on here for sometime - but now I'm making a blogging promise and plan to share my musings and inspirations with you more regularly!

What do you think of my new guise - The Salford Bee ?!

Keep your eyes peeled for lots of lovely posts to come...

Kate x

September 17, 2014

Paintings: Joash Woodrow

Autumn Leaves

Trees before yellow buildings (4)

Overgrown structure, Trees and Clouds (12)

Four Trees, White Fence & industrial buildings 

It's been a while since I wrote a post this year, what better way than to share with you some lovely images by Leeds Painter Joash Woodrow. 

If you haven't been lucky enough to come across his work before, Joash was of Polish/ Jewish heritage and studied at Leeds College of Art in the early 50's. He then went on to attend the Royal College of Art after winning a scholarship. 

A recluse for most of his life, Joash resided in Chapel Allerton where he carried on painting until his death in 2006. Art was a big part of his life and in retrospective he created over 700 paintings aside from thousands of sketches and drawings too. 

Some have referred to him as the Lowry of Leeds", I love the gestural mark-making and sensitive approach to colour in his work. 

His portraits are pretty ace too. 

Anthony Pigott

Portrait of an Old Man

Women with a cigarette 

January 20, 2014

New Years Resolutions Round Up...

Hello all...

I promised I wouldn't leave it too late again until my next post... it's one of my resolutions to write more on here this year! Over the past few months I have neglected it a little due to other commitments and my freelancing projects.

I'm unemployed at the minute and looking for any creative opportunities in copy-writing, design assisting roles and social media; so please do get in touch if you know of any...

My email is

I thought it may be a good idea to essentially write my New Years resolutions list on here, it's been spinning around in my head for the past few weeks and I need to make a note of it!

This year my aims are-
  • Get a good job- I left my previous job within fashion retail as I was a bit fed up and felt that my role lacked the creativity, stimulation and challenge that I crave and want out of a career. I gained some fantastic experience which I can put all into good use on my next step of the ladder. Currently based in Manchester, this year I'm looking to undertake a creative internship and build on my current skills set. I also want to continue extending my copy-writing portfolio. 

  • Learn to drive- Almost 27 with no drivers license, some may say the world is your oyster- it is as far as the bus, train or tram takes me! Lately I've thought this is the year it has to be done.

  • Travel more- I love going to new places and even though money is a bit tight at the minute with no job I got some money for Christmas which I'm trying not to touch. I've looked into traveling to Stockholm around April or May time for a long weekend, I think that's my first trip to plan this year. 

  • Hold an exhibition- I studied Embroidery at University and since leaving I have done a little bit of creative work here and there but not enough. Most recently I've started attending a life drawing class at The Edge Theatre and Arts Centre in Chorlton. It's a great class with excellent life models and such a relaxing atmosphere. I would highly recommend it if you haven't tried life drawing before. I've been to about 3 classes so far (every 2 weeks) and overtime my confidence has been reinstated. I've produced some drawings and started mono-printing just before Christmas which I wish to develop further this year. I'd love to produce some work I'm really happy with and organise a small exhibition in town. I think its something I'm going to pursue. 

  • Learn a language- Just for the fun of it really, I do say this at the start of every new year. I'm not the best with languages but it is nice to read and study something to work towards. I might choose German or Swedish- in prep for Stockholm! (Any recommendations about useful books or tapes? I don't know where to start! :)

  • Save more, spend less & sell more- So far I've been doing quite well and sticking to this ok. I've resisted the winter sale and have resorted to selling some vintage and pre-worn clothing on @AsosMarketplace - my shop name is KATESKLOSET- surprisingly business has been good and steady- fees are incredibly low and the Marketplace is a nice shopping experience one you get accustomed. Check out my latest items here

  • Move out- I'm still living with my parents at the moment and I guess it is every twenty-somethings worst nightmare in some respects. I'm very lucky really but itching to get my own place, hopefully a few months down the line I'll find a job and this will shortly follow. 

  • Take more photographs- I'm always walking around town and forget to take my camera with me, in this day and age technology has unfortunately left me neglecting my Canon and reaching for my iphone instead. This year I'm going to make a conscious effort to take more photographs, after all Paul once said... 

I've got plenty more things I want to do this year and lots that I can think of but the list would be endless! I'm going to focus on these points for now.

What are your New Years Resolutions? Have you been sticking to them so far? I'd love to know :)

Kate xxx 

November 15, 2013


It's been a while... but I'm still here!

I've been pretty busy over the past month or so ... excitingly I've joined the 
Mens Fashion Magazine team! YAY! I'm now a weekly fashion contributor, producing articles on Men's trends, Style inspirations and Fashion subcultures. 

I've been working for the magazine now for just over a month, it's challenging but really fun! I enjoy working out of my comfort zone; as its the first time I've written professionally for a male fashion audience.

I've had three articles published online which I'm really pleased with. I love researching for a new piece, I aim to produce something different to the last. Below are some screenshots of my work with links below. 

To read more of my Northern Soul article... Click HERE

Botanical Beau... Click HERE

For my latest Raincoats.... Click HERE

I will be doing another post very soon and tell you lots more about the magazine! 

Sorry it's such a short one today!

Hope you enjoyed reading my work, what do you think?


September 17, 2013


Hello, Happy Tuesday!

Up next is my next #LFW post featuring Holly Fulton's beautiful SS14 collection. I'm reasonably happy with the quality of the screen shots in the show, taken on my Mac, not bad to say the models were strutting at a fair pace! Gotta love the excitement of a Live Stream!

So many lovely garments, silhouettes and embellishments to talk about in Holly Fulton's show, I've been looking forward to writing this, so here it goes...

High anticipation at Fulton's show... a few moments before it starts

Staying true to her signature, Fulton's latest catwalk debut for SS14 showcased a refined range of geometric prints, interestingly layered up over glistening jewel embellished tops. It was apparent to see the Scottish designer's muse and core inspiration was the; high glamour of the 1970's

Styling was reminiscent of one special lady in particular...

Photos from Tumblr

Seventies signatures, from muted colour palettes to slick one sided voluminous hair styling; epitomising a youthful Jerry Hall.

Oversized dark tinted sunglasses circa 1975 were spotted in Fulton's show.

Midi lengths, pleats and twin set printed silk garments were featured in subtle hues of lilac, white, purple and grey. 



Block lace details & peachy prints; make a perfect combo!

Close-ups highlight Fulton's eclectic mix of prints, fabrics and cut throughout the show. 

Patterned cutwork style panelling and surface design on this dress has an Asian influence. 

 This slanted geometric printed dress in orange and peach was nipped in at the waist and dressed at the neck with exquisite art deco embroidery. 

I love the autumnal feel of this silk blouse, in a warm floral camo print it was replicated in a lurex frayed metallic bomber jacket. Despite its seventies nostalgic feel, high shine fabrics and embellishments kept the collection unpredictable and contemporary. 

Shots of the beautiful winding runway, clean white and undistracting

Chunky jewellery and accessories, gave this highly feminine collection a quirky edge. 

More seventies please. 
A billowing pyjama printed trouser, styled with a clean classic white shirt and lurex swing coat looked effortlessly chic. 

This belted mac in a warm autumnal floral print, is a refreshing contrast to what is usually considered Spring Summer outerwear. A matching sequined skirt peeks from underneath, complimenting the juxtaposition of surface design. 

This was one of Fulton's show stopping ensembles for me. I adore the sequinned top, the style, shades and size of the angular sequins is so tactile. A very wearable piece and collection to note for that matter, I love how Holly Fulton incorporated orange and also centered her collection around this hue. 

This happy colour injected into the print on the silk palazzo trousers, looks beautiful. 

Love this signature art deco printed Holly Fulton divide on the runway, looks like it would be fabulous as wallpaper!

 Blurred high glamour... its almost over!

The fashionista and genius herself; Holly Fulton smiles at the end of her runway show. 

All screen shot photos courtesy (

Holly Fulton Forever!

This multi-talented and disciplined designer, wowed audiences with her slick, contemporary and fun collection. It exceeded my expectations and I absolutely loved the styling of the models. Bronzed, naturally beautiful with a hint of glamour and lots of hairspray! 

Her signature prints are always one to watch, another amazing collection this SS14! 

Find out more about Holly Fulton 

What do you think of Holly Fulton's show?

Lots more posts to come, 

Kate XXX

September 16, 2013

#LFW... IS... H E R E ! ! ! #ChristopherRaeburn SS14

 Hello guys & dolls!

So its been a while since I last wrote... its now the middle of September, Autumn is settling in and the summer days seem to be decreasing and the nights getting darker! My favourite time of year... snuggly knits and lots of layering!

September excitingly means that London Fashion Week has crept up on us yet again, showcasing the most lustful fashion attire for SS14. I thought this year about getting some tickets, but I'm currently unemployed at the moment... thank goodness for the Live Stream!

Photo courtesy (

This gives me a fantastic opportunity to cram in as many fashion shows if not all of them over the course of the next few days!

On Saturday I watched Holly Fulton's ace collection strut its stuff, followed by John Rocha's show and Whistles SS14 later in the day which was amazing! Expect to see quite a few feature posts popping up on here over the next few days, my typing fingers are going to be tired!

Photo courtesy ( 

The first show in #LFW I watched was Christopher Raeburn's beautiful safari chic collection that debuted last Friday @ 3pm.  The man himself, pictured above... is my first feature for #LFW.

With this SS14 collection entitled "Mirage" there are many visual connotations that you can conjure up about the aesthetic of Raeburn's latest catwalk debut, desert friendly being one of them! Considering his faultless approach to prints, fabrics and silhouette teamed with Militarian inspired detailing, Christopher Raeburn has yet again sewn his fashion magic wonderfully! 

Strutting down the runway, his garments are flawless in execution and appear to give the wearer a sense of protection, utility and functionality. A very wearable collection to note. The main colour palette was muted nude tones, complimented by bright turquoise, indigo, black, white and gold. Subtle hints of pastel pink and light silvery grey were incorporated into pretty mirage style patterns. 

Raeburn's smart collection had a definite sportswear feel to it, with high shine fabrics possessing a lightweight translucent quality. Day Dresses with collars, hoods and gathered waists featured on the runway in a soft eclectic palette with printed matching accessories to compliment. 

 Raeburn's work ethic "remade" that's previously seen the unique translation of original British Military fabrics into his garments, appears to be an ongoing core inspiration in his collections both past and present. 

One of my favourite pieces on the runway was the french navy quilted high shine bomber jacket with contrasting black sleeves and grey panel detailing. It a very understated jacket with a contemporary twist and looks so comfortable to wear! The perfect transitional piece for Spring!

I'm also really drawn to Raeburn's sandstorm printed tow-piece tracksuit. Its a high luxe feminine sportswear piece reminiscent of desert military and parachute uniforms.

The sandstorm inspired print featured on lightweight parkas, with the pattern giving a tie-dye- esque feel. Raeburn's utilitarian approach to garments is evident with this grey shorts and jacket combo, it has a cool safari vibe to it styled with the backpack, smart and uncompromising of practicality. 

Styling throughout the show was kept simple, models were given make-unders and hair was slicked back and styled naturally. Beautifully tailored high shine macs and cloudy camo prints spoke volumes about the brand on the runway.

Christopher Raeburn's Mirage SS14 collection possessed such fine quality in design and execution. With an innovative and resourceful approach to fashion, I find it refreshing to see him combine the traditional with reworked modern techniques. Each garment has a heritage, a story, an idea from something that once was... purposely created for comfort and function.

Proud to be British, all garments are designed and produced in Christopher Raeburn's East London studio. 

All catwalk images courtesy of

Find out more about Christopher Raeburn

Hope you enjoyed reading this piece...What are your thoughts?

More posts to follow soon,

Kate XXX