April 10, 2010

*VOGUE YOUNG WRITERS* & lovely covers

It just so happens that i managed to find out about Vogue Young Writers a week before the closing date, which meant that i had a little time to conjure up some creative and witty (well i hope) articles. I had to write 3 seperate pieces that consisted of:
  1. A personal memory 800 words
  2. A fashion feature 500 words
  3. An opinion piece- concerning current affairs or social issues 500 words
As i have already been writing for The Manchester Fashion Network, i chose to use one of my previous style articles for the fashion feature. I decided on this one.
For my personal memory i chose to write about an event which was a Vivienne Westwood Charity fashion show, that i attended aged 15. It was pretty amazing to say none the least and i was so young at the time which makes this story even funnier.
For my opinion piece i was really struggling because i like to write about beauty, things which inspire me and generally positive things which make people smile. I do like the thought provoking but i just couldn't get my head around this one... and to make matters worse i basically had an evening to decide on my topic and the following morning to write it, which really didn't leave much time at all, due to postage and what not. So i conjured up this idea of beard talk and my fascination with guys facial hair at the moment. So yeah in the end i wrote about beards and submitted it to vogue, i wrote quite a few funny lines in there...i just hope they find it enlightening...i really enjoyed writing it and its probably my fave out of three i sent.
Check out a past post i did on my Fashion Blog *FANCY REGALIA* that inspired this piece of writing HERE
I'll see how i get on, its a long wait till i find out OCTOBER and it will be printed in the magazine...so until then i will be keeping my fingers crossed in hope of getting awarded a months paid internship at Vogue and £1000 to buy some pretty new togs!!!
For now i shall leave you with a selection of some very beautiful vogue covers...

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Clare said...

Sounds lovely, good luck with it! Love all the old covers!

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