April 10, 2010

Easter *VINTAGE THREADS* @ The Triangle, Manchester

On Friday 2nd of this month, I went to the very ace Vintage Threads to cover the event for MFN. Held in The Triangle there were countless quirky little stalls offering handmade lovelies and second hand beauties ranging from womens & mens clothing to belts, shoes, bags, original artwork and jewellery.
Most of the day i spent talking to the sellers hearing their insightful little stories about how they got into Fairing it and selling their vintage wares. I also did some street snaps at the event which can be seen HERE!!! I wrote some of my notes up about the stalls for featured seller articles, which will be going on THE MANCHESTER FASHION NETWORK site soon, I'll link those to my blog when their up!
My two friends fellow fashion bloggers Matt & Clare held a joint stall @ Vintage Threads, here they are pictured with their vintage clobber.

I bought some really nice stuff off Ruthie McCall's stall, some pretty pink beaded dangly clip-on earrings and a black sheer blouse with a pointy collar!! Check out her wares that she had on the day!
Other sellers that were there on the day I've listed below with images of their stock, Ive linked their sites and Facebook pages too so you must have a look!!!
Yellow Squirrel Facebook & Etsy

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Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

Lovely post and great photos of the event. Found you on Twitter via MFN. :)