November 21, 2011

MOD girls

Photo by Peter Anderson: Mod girls 1980

Ooh I do love a good MOD lass.

Watching Quadrophenia last night has got me in that nostalgic frame of mind again. If you haven't already seen the film, I'd highly recommend you check it out (depiction of the feud between Mod's and Rockers in late 70's) there isn't a great deal of women's fashion in it as the focus is mainly on working class lads... lots of boys in Parkers and deserts, scooters galore and a young Sting too. Which is just brilliant. 

I love these black & white photographs, young down-to-earth mod girls with a penchant for fun & dancing. I'm tempted to have my hair cut drastically by the looks of the pixie styles. I'll try and hold out a while longer. 

Good day xxx


Alli Marsay said...

love these pics kate! xx

Kate Alexandra McLeish said...

Thanks Lovely, they are great aren't they! Hope your well xxx

D. said...

Sweet stuff! I think the movie Quadrophenia came out ca. 79-81, the album was the early 70s but the timeframe of the story is the early '60s - when the Who were new ... Jimmy was a fan, right? -- I love how Pete Townshend tells the story in song through that poor alienated young man.