December 05, 2011

THE H E A R T B R E A K S @ Night&DayCafe *20/11/11*

Hello all

I can't quite believe this is my first post for December, let alone how long its actually taken me to write about The Heartbreaks amazing gig I attended last month! For those of you who may not know, I'm moving house pretty soon with my folks so I've been delving through all my stuff, clearing loads out and packing my life into boxes, which I really haven't been enjoying.

Anyhow, here are some pics I took last month of The Heartbreaks's at the Night & Day Cafe in Manchester... if you've not heard their ace sound yet... they're a lovely bunch of four talented lads from Morecambe; who write humorous, romantic and yet truthful musings about love, life, and experiences. A key inspiration in songwriting is their beloved home and seaside town of Morecambe, the places, characters and nostalgia

The Heartbreaks, highly anticipated debut album is out next spring (I literally cannot wait for it!), up to now they've released some brilliant singles, of which you can listen to here... The lads have only just finished touring Europe a month or so back, supporting fellow Northerners Hurts and recently embarked on a small UK tour before Christmas supporting The Ordinary Boys along with The Courteeners

All in all they were great, I thoroughly enjoyed their acoustic set at the Sunday Sessions.  It was a really cool gig, ace crowd lots of mod types, desert boots, parkas, Northern Soul loving lads and tassle loafers to feast my eyes on. They have quite a strong following in Manchester. I had the pleasure of meeting them after the gig too, managed to get a quick photo with all the boys individually. Looking forward to seeing them again sometime soon. 

Have a gander...

Matthew Whitehouse wearing an excellent polka dot shirt. Note; Pete Moser accordionist in the shadows

Sunday Sessions flyer Bob Marley style

Me and Laura one of my lovely bezzies pre-gig

The boys and a cheeky grin

Matthew going to grab a cuppa

 A hint of blue

Trying to avoid a sea of heads

Matthew and Ryan on their lonesome

Having a shout out 

Meeting... Joseph. He's so blummin tall, ace fringe too. 

Ryan was lovely. Said he's growing his hair out, he had a Rockabilly vibe. 

I had a lovely chat with Matthew about touring, tweeting and his tea drinking on stage. This beautiful boy enjoys a good brew of Camomile followed by Licorice. 

Deaks was really lovely, he was wearing some pretty nice loafers and a grandad cardie. We had a good chat and just like the others he politely thanked me for coming to the gig. Such a nice bunch xxx

I did record a few songs on my video camera that evening, I will definitely put them up on another post. Jealous Don't You Know is one of my favorites. Spinning good times. 


Mat said...

you want a mod boy kate!

Kate Alexandra McLeish said...

Don't you know it! know any gems?