November 06, 2011


Ain't she a beaut!

A month or so back, Stylist Magazine in celebration of their 100th issue, publicised a call for creative contributors to help make their next installment really special. I entered only one of the competitions; to help them style several fashion pages and shoots. I had to fill out some little snippets of information about myself as well as write about one of my favorite fashion icons. 

After debating for some time, I didn't want to state the obvious kind of savvy girls, I had the intentions to write about someone genuinely interesting.... I chose Clara Bow. Unfortunately I didn't get shortlisted, but I did however receive a lovely email from Stylist with a little thank-you for entering. 

Nevertheless here's what I wrote about Clara, what I love about her and why I chose her as my style icon. Hope you enjoy reading xxx

My fashion icon is a girl who paraded around in the twenties rocking silk stockings and heavily embellished cocktail dresses. She goes by the name of Clara Bow, with heavily lined dark doe eyes, a tousled brunette mane and a perfectly plump Cupid’s bow pout.

Her fashion sense is no less than the epitome of sultry glamour. Usually seen decked from head-to-toe in romantic ensembles of sumptuous chiffon, flowing frills and fur stoles; she was one of the original reigning and importantly most stylish roaring flappers to have graced silent cinema.

Looking back, I admire her eclectic personal style and characterization in cinema as it exuded a lady-like-chic quality crossed with 1920’s androgyny. Clara made drop waist dresses and masculine tailoring look effortlessly savvy and seductive.

Fascinatingly beautiful to look at, with unique decadent style to match, Clara Bow has an incredible legacy and is my fashion muse. 

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