January 20, 2014

New Years Resolutions Round Up...

Hello all...

I promised I wouldn't leave it too late again until my next post... it's one of my resolutions to write more on here this year! Over the past few months I have neglected it a little due to other commitments and my freelancing projects.

I'm unemployed at the minute and looking for any creative opportunities in copy-writing, design assisting roles and social media; so please do get in touch if you know of any...

My email is kate.mcleish@btinternet.com

I thought it may be a good idea to essentially write my New Years resolutions list on here, it's been spinning around in my head for the past few weeks and I need to make a note of it!

This year my aims are-
  • Get a good job- I left my previous job within fashion retail as I was a bit fed up and felt that my role lacked the creativity, stimulation and challenge that I crave and want out of a career. I gained some fantastic experience which I can put all into good use on my next step of the ladder. Currently based in Manchester, this year I'm looking to undertake a creative internship and build on my current skills set. I also want to continue extending my copy-writing portfolio. 

  • Learn to drive- Almost 27 with no drivers license, some may say the world is your oyster- it is as far as the bus, train or tram takes me! Lately I've thought this is the year it has to be done.

  • Travel more- I love going to new places and even though money is a bit tight at the minute with no job I got some money for Christmas which I'm trying not to touch. I've looked into traveling to Stockholm around April or May time for a long weekend, I think that's my first trip to plan this year. 

  • Hold an exhibition- I studied Embroidery at University and since leaving I have done a little bit of creative work here and there but not enough. Most recently I've started attending a life drawing class at The Edge Theatre and Arts Centre in Chorlton. It's a great class with excellent life models and such a relaxing atmosphere. I would highly recommend it if you haven't tried life drawing before. I've been to about 3 classes so far (every 2 weeks) and overtime my confidence has been reinstated. I've produced some drawings and started mono-printing just before Christmas which I wish to develop further this year. I'd love to produce some work I'm really happy with and organise a small exhibition in town. I think its something I'm going to pursue. 

  • Learn a language- Just for the fun of it really, I do say this at the start of every new year. I'm not the best with languages but it is nice to read and study something to work towards. I might choose German or Swedish- in prep for Stockholm! (Any recommendations about useful books or tapes? I don't know where to start! :)

  • Save more, spend less & sell more- So far I've been doing quite well and sticking to this ok. I've resisted the winter sale and have resorted to selling some vintage and pre-worn clothing on @AsosMarketplace - my shop name is KATESKLOSET- surprisingly business has been good and steady- fees are incredibly low and the Marketplace is a nice shopping experience one you get accustomed. Check out my latest items here

  • Move out- I'm still living with my parents at the moment and I guess it is every twenty-somethings worst nightmare in some respects. I'm very lucky really but itching to get my own place, hopefully a few months down the line I'll find a job and this will shortly follow. 

  • Take more photographs- I'm always walking around town and forget to take my camera with me, in this day and age technology has unfortunately left me neglecting my Canon and reaching for my iphone instead. This year I'm going to make a conscious effort to take more photographs, after all Paul once said... 

I've got plenty more things I want to do this year and lots that I can think of but the list would be endless! I'm going to focus on these points for now.

What are your New Years Resolutions? Have you been sticking to them so far? I'd love to know :)

Kate xxx 

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