November 05, 2009

Angels of Anarchy

I visited the Angels of Anarchy exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery this week, that showcases 150 artworks by 32 female surrealist artists. One of my favourite artists Frida Kahlo was featured in the exhibition, she is in the beautiful photo above ♥. Some of her beautiful works featured in the exhibition are shown below. Diego y Frida 1929-1944, mixed media Naturaleza muerta con perico y bandera, 1951, oil on masonite View of Central Park, 1931, watercolor and pencil on paper, I am a big fan of Frida's, i have been infatuated with her for quite sometime, especially because of her strikingly colourful appearance, she herself was a walking piece of beautiful art. She is such an inspiration, with her strong willingness, vivacious attitude and soulful act of expression herself and her work is legendary. I was really impressed with the selection of her work shown in the exhibition and i felt so fortunate to be able to see it especially in my home city! How amazing!!! ♥ aaaaaah I L O V E F R I D A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ For Frida's website click HERE!!!!!!!!!! Other artists that i particularly admired in the exhibition were Meret Oppenheim, Lee Miller, Claude Cahun & Dorothea Tanning. There were so many beautiful, interesting and weird works on show. Some of my favourites I've shown below!!!!! Meret Oppenheim, fur gloves with wooden fingers, 1913-1985 Meret Oppenheim Squirrel, fur, glass, plastic foam, 1969 Lee Miller, Dora Maar, Sans Titre, 1934 So much more lovely work at the exhibition!!!! Visit the site HERE There was so much i liked! But if i put everything on here would be such a loooong post!!!! Go see the exhibition its definitely worth a visit!!! :D ♥ X x

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