November 23, 2009

Preview of Islington Stall stock!!!!

Colourful beaded necklaces made with glass, wood, porcelain & paper beads.

Lady faces, Ink & pen, Illustrations 10 X 10 inches on 250 g/m water-colour paper.

Fimo bird brooches handcrafted in a variety of vibrant colours & sizes :) These are pre-gloss so they'll be lovely & shiny on the day!!!

For the past week or so I've been a busy bee making stuff for my Islington Mill stall as you can see!!! Very exciting!!!!
Up to now I've produced some jewellery & illustrations!! But there's lots more to come!! I'm hoping to get screen-printing later this week so i can make some christmas themed mechandise ie. cards, postcards, wrapping paper!!!
Details for event you can find on facebook HERE!!!!!!!


cally jane studio said...

Hi Kate, love these portraits x

allison said...

your work is so amazing!

Domesticpedia said...

great work. you have a gift to create.
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Kate Alexandra McLeish said...

Thanks everyone! xx