July 22, 2010

The Perfect Retro Wedding

Last weekend i had the pleasure of attending my very good friend's Zara Kate Pacholski's wedding. It turned out to be one of the loveliest ceremony's i have ever attended. This is a post dedicated to Zara's beautiful wedding attire.

Pictured in Bury's Polish club, Zara in her gorgeous vintage 1950's wedding dress from Ebay.

A stunning beaded veil/head-dress with pearl & lucite beads, was complimented perfectly by Zara's short thick fringe.

Beautiful embroidery detail on the gathered neck, that had little dimante's centered in each flower, paired with a pretty ivory lace choker dangling teardrop pearls.

White lace dress draped over white satin shoes complete with wedding blessed scuff from jumping around in photos on the grass. The shoes had sweet little dimante buttons on each strap.

The head wedding table pictured behind Zara, along with the handpainted polish mural landscape, which happens to be one of the most kitsch and idyllic settings I've ever seen for an post-wedding reception.


The lovely couple meet The *Wilsons*.

The best retro bride that I've ever seen, Congrats Zara lots of love x x x x x x x


Mat said...

i've never been to a wedding, or errr

Kate Alexandra McLeish said...

Awh Mat! I shall take you along one time ;-)

Who is Rufus said...

she looks amazing. The pictures look authentic too, they look like they were taken in the 60's-70's

Rufus ✞
Who is Rufus

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