March 28, 2011

To Knott-end to Fleetwood and back.

Waiting for the Ferry...

My outfit for the day, Fleetwood friendly attire

Meet Diesel or 'Dee Dee'

Cast a shadow at 3pm

Such a colouful character- the Balloon man

Shadows, sun and the sea

Nana Agnes in The Bourne Arms @ Knott-end-on-sea

Arguably the best Fish & Chips I've ever had! Delish! 

Orange sky

Just a few photos from my travels last week, I went to visit my grandma at Knott-end-on-sea which was lovely to spend some quality time with her. We went to Fleetwood for the day, charity shopping and for a good meal at the local pub. x

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Mat said...

you took so great snaps while you were there, such good weather too hey. yum decent fish and chips, i expect no less from the fishing port. your nan is sooo cute! she looks really youthful too.

any chazza buys?