October 03, 2011

Boy meets Girl

Here are some really nice images I found dating back to Teen Vogue's August 2009 issue. I have always been really interested in androgyny and typical guy trends for girls. I particularly like her loafers and rolled up jeans, they remind me of This Is England crossed with the 1950's which gives a hint of Teddy Girl style.

The quiff is pretty nice too, I've recently dyed my hair brunette and have been gelling it back with some mousse and Brylcreem in hope of trying to achieve a sleek do look like this.

It's always fascinating to see models leaping around too, these shots look particularly fun! I'm not sure who the photographer is...but nice work none-the-less. I'm tempted now to dye my vintage 80's jeans indigo blue and buy some Dr Martens Adrian loafers. xxx

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