October 20, 2011

Sixties SIRENS...

I constantly find myself referencing the past particularly with fashion, seeking inspiration where I can find it and venturing down style avenue's that are hard to come by. I've recently found myself entwined in a cloud of past memoirs and a diverse range of nostalgic music and visuals dating back to the late 60's. 

I guess this post is a current exploration of my interests revolving around style, icons and cool peeps who I've been checking out lately...

Suze Rotolo (pictured here with Dylan), was an incredibly beautiful Italian American who dated Dylan in the early years of his rise to fame. She was his muse and absolute sweetheart in the early sixties. I've just read her biographical rendition of Greenwich Village in the sixties entitled 'A Freewheelin Time' which is so lovely and enlightening, I would highly recommend it. 

Edie with her crop of ashy blonde hair and adoringly wide eyed gaze. Over the past month or so I've been perfecting the art of sixties eyes, with a concoction of a fine brush, Black waterproof liquid eyeliner, white powder, potion eye-shadow by Topshop, all topped off with black and white kohl. 

I've been attempting to follow this little beauty of a make-up tutorial ala Twiggy

Beautiful Beatniks circa... 1963 competing in Miss Beat Venice California.

Super Babe Jean Seberg. I am still lusting around for a breton striped top as good as this one!

A lovely photograph of Seine River, Paris 1963

I've been getting really into Martha & The Vandellas, a fantastically upbeat and sparkling Motown group consisting of 3 attractive soulful singers in the late to mid 60s. They have that magic vibe, after a few listens that somehow instantly lifts my mood. Their lyrics are sweet, funny and tell that of a typical kinda make or break love story back in the day. I just adore them, here is one of my favorite songs of the moment...

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