April 24, 2012

Spring has sprung...

Distant white sale boats

My lovely Nana Agnes ♥ & I 

Sparkling Sea at Knott-End

Spot the dog at the jetty...

Green green grass and a beautiful windmill at Saint Anne's Lytham

Daisies and Whistles plimsolls

 Beautiful daffodil's 

I do love a sunny family day out. These photos were taken last month when the weather was utterly gorgeous! I visited my lovely Nana Agnes at Knott-end-on-sea, we went for a lovely walk around the sea front. Later in the day I went for lunch with my parents in Saint Anne's Lytham and ate the most amazing home-made burger, didn't manage to get a photo though. I wish the weather would turn nice again, everything looks better with sunshine! 

Another post to come soon with lovely photos from my recent trip to York! xxx


Mat said...

i think i need to take a trip down to knott end, haven't been since i was a kid. unsure what's really there though? aw check out Aggy, she looks so happy

Kate Alexandra McLeish said...

You defo should Mat, there's not much really a few cutesy shops in the village, charity shop. butchers, fish & chips and a great pub called The Bourne Arms that do amazing food! :)