February 15, 2013

Teddy Boys

I do love a good Mod and especially a Rocker or Greaser. Teddy boys however happen to be one of my fave fashion subcultures. I think its the slick rockabilly quiff, trademark Bolo (cowboy) neck-tie and streamlined drainpipe jackets that do it for me. 

Its not the first post on teddies I've done before; I've come across some more great photographs to share with you, but unfortunately they are all anonymous and I cannot credit a photographer or an exact date for these. 

Shirtless with a back tat

Creepers hanging about

A few pints & laughs in colour

Double crepe & Gibson one buckle Creepers
Love the check turn-ups

Technicolour drape jackets; Amazing

Youth; Super Quiffs

Loitering outside the Star

Teddies gang loving life

They rule. x


Amy said...

I love these. The quiffs are so amazing - so intricate. Must have taken ages! The checked turn-ups, white socks and creepers is a look I love to do!


Patrick C said...

Great pics, by the looks of it most of them are from the 1970's during the Teddy Boy 'Revival'. A book with some good pics in it is 'The Teds' by Chris Steele-Perkins.

Kate Alexandra McLeish said...

Thanks for your comments guys! I love the teddy look too Amy it never dates! Patrick I'll have a look into those books, cheers x