September 04, 2010

The Beautiful work of Nathalie Lete

Ace Parisian artist Nathalie Lete... is my new heroine. Her work is stunningly sweet with childlike drawings, paintings, etchings, ceramic art and prints that are illustrated in warm bright colours.

Her interior pieces are equally as beautiful with hand tufted rugs, one off ceramic ornaments and lovingly hand painted plates with funny faces and animals. OOOh I want this lovely *Paris* rug!!!

Her work is sold all over the world in cute little boutiques including Couverture in Notting Hill, I know where I'll be stopping off the next time I'm in London! 

Inspired by nostalgia, nature and vintage toys, Nathalie has an ongrowing collection of quirky objects and figurines that fill her colourful house and work studio.

Nathalie's style as an artist and designer is truly unique and her expression of colour, print and pattern is really very special. Since coming across her work only a few weeks ago, i have been inspired by her beautiful work...though I has of yet to pick up a paintbrush...maybe sometime soon eh!

Check out some more lovely images on her fabulous website 

Ps:Watch this its amazing...Nathalie Lete...Art in action.

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