September 29, 2010

SEPTEMBER Outfit post ♥

So i thought it was about time to put up an outfit post at last... I recently had this photo took by my lovely friend recent knitwear graduate Hannah Shkandrij...we were on our way to Trof for some drinks and stopped by this pretty wall. I was quite chuffed that the yellow bricks were a perfect match for my jeans. I recently invested in some expensive togs for a change, I want to try and spend less money overtime and hopefully my clothes will last a bit longer than usual. Investing in good timeless pieces that will carry me through the next few seasons. 

Like my coat from Whistles, I picked it up at The Lowry Outlet for £65, I think its a few seasons old and was a complete snippet from the £250 original price tag! Its wool, so its really warm and not too thick which has been a desirable for me at the moment, I tend to wear too many layers when its cold. 

My silk scarf is Moschino courtesy of Tkmaxx and has Cheap & Chic scrawled all over it, the green studded tassle bag is from Topshop, rolled up stripy jeans i bought in Barnardos Deansgate which are my favourite purchase this Autumn, were only a fiver and brand new with tags- must have been unused vintage stock.

For a while too I'd been eyeing up some burgandy patent Chester tassle Russell and Bromley loafers, I'd been in and out of the shop a couple of times trying them on and thinking YES! they are utterly perfect but I'm not made of money! I actually found the exact size and colour I wanted a week or so back, on Ebay, I was so delighted when got the winning bid! They are well comfy and i snagged them for half the price in the shop.

Even better they are always shiny perfect for the regular Manchester downpour! x

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Mat said...

that IS a wicked photo, best one actually. wil go down in the history books!