October 08, 2010


Feast your eyes on some lovely work by Indian illustrator, artist and designer extraordinaire Tanya Ling, who now resides in London. I came across her work just today actually and couldn't resist sharing it on my blog because her drawings are especially beautiful!

Tanya's work concentrates mostly on portraiture and figures that are drawn from life or backstage at fashion shows. I really love her style and the technique in which she depicts her glamorous subjects, that with splashes of colour, daubs of paint and smudged ink lines. Nothing better than painting and getting messy with wet media!

I've noticed too how lots of her illustrations feature on coloured paper such as sandy backgrounds, its sometimes frustrating starting a drawing on a huge piece of white paper...it can be definitely be intimidating!

Lots of Tanya's work has been featured in publications such as British Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and she's successfully done creative collaborations with world renowned designers such as Louis Vuitton and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Aside from her drawings, Tanya is also creative director for RTW high end fashion brand Veryta, in which she designed a collection of abstract painted dresses, that were shown at London Fashion Week earlier this year (shown in images above). I imagine wearing one would feel very jazzy indeed...fashion and expressionism combined in its finest form.

Tanya's work is fabulously inspiring...all the images are sourced from her site...check out more HERE


Mat said...

i thought these were going to be your drawings actually, they remind me of yours.

Kate Alexandra McLeish said...

haha! I know Mat i need to get on it! Nice of you to say though! Thanks! x