October 29, 2010

A feast for your eyes...GHD's & THE LABYRINTH

This advert is stunning to say the least, when it graced my television screen earlier this month I was dumbfounded by its sheer visual beauty and great modern day interpretation of a Cinderella story. The costumes are amazing, the wigs, make-up, the protagonists hair post GHD's, the set, the scenario, the ego's, everything looks so beautifully refined. I particularly love the staircase scene, when the girls' dress and hair are becoming rapidly dishevelled and her couture is tumbling down the stairs. So stunning!

This almost reminds me a little of The Labyrinth too, in the ballroom scene minus all the masks and more glamorized to the present day. What do you think?

Just thought I'd squeeze in too that I've also done another few posts for ace style website Anyweargirl.com this week to see them click HERE

Chow for now x

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