November 08, 2010

TINA BERNING: still a firm favorite

I first discovered the beautiful work of German illustrator Tina Berning when I was studying on my embroidery degree. I would always flock to find new inspiring illustrators and artists that I hadn't come across before. And nevertheless I found an amazing inspiration in the form of wet media laden portrait drawings by Berning. 

I admire her skill and technique, in the way she depicts her stunning yet slightly haunting characters. Her drawings never cease to amaze me, and the ladies in her work always seem to possess a fragile and eccentric quality. Berning's work is saturated with personality and contemporary flair. I love her hints of colour on sandy paper.

I have of yet to buy her ace book 100 girls on cheap paper, but keep thinking about it so I may treat myself soon!

I've been asked to create 3 portrait lady prints for an newly established British womens-wear brand, which is oh so very exciting as its right up my street. I shall reveal all nearer the time!!!

I've been looking through some examples of Berning's work for inspiration for my own, as it is just fabulous!

All images were sourced from Tina Berning's fancy website, check out more HERE! 

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