November 10, 2010


She is amazing, great brogues too.

Just a quick post, been looking at some of Daisy's fab work this morning and couldn't resist not writing a post on it.  Daisy De Villeneuve is a London born lass, a designer, illustrator and writer extraordinaire (what I'm currently aspiring to at the moment).

Her work is vibrant, spunky and speaks volumes through her creative use of the classic felt tip pen. Her colour-ways, characters and scenarios that are constructed with added text, are full of energy and are just too lovely visually. They always manage to cheer me up :)

Funnily enough, Daisy looks the spitting image of many her illustrations which is quite remarkable. I think this can happen a lot, people have said to me before that I look like my work.

This week I'm going to be getting on with some drawing, I'll post some of my work if and when I'm happy with it, I feel my creative streak is coming back...Finally!!!

All illustrated images by Daisy De Villeneuve and photographic portrait of Daisy from Alistair


Mat said...

lovely stuff! love the earrings. when are we going to see your work?

Kate Alexandra McLeish said...

Earrings are ace! Soon very soon! x