February 07, 2011


...I am beyond belief that this is my first post of the year... Dare I say I am on it again and there will be lots more feasts for your eyes from now on. Yay!

Last month I had the pleasure of attending one of my beautifully talented friends group exhibition entitled 'CONSEQUENCES' organised by Freyia Lilian Porteous amongst other clever illustration and animation students of Manchester Metropolitan University. Situated in the wholesome abode of Nexus Art Cafe, this venue utterly was perfect for displaying this creative collective. 

Ruth Beesley: Beautiful drawings evoking past childhood memories and dreams

Jason Edmunds: Please Tell Me What To Be

Thomas Harnett O'meara: An amazing colour spectrum contstructed out of cardboard and wood.
AKA; The Church of Jazz

Laurence Peffers:  An illustration or two for the lonely hearts

Lani Irving: Jason & the Pelican

Pearl Mitchell Photographs: Bruises as a physical memory

Such a BEAUTY Freyia Lilian Porteous with her work;
"She floats all over the stage and into the audience then vanishes like a fading cloud"

With such busy working schedules at University, I was very impressed to be presented with an exhibition  thoroughly organised and inspired by such a close-knit group of lovely creative young people, well done guys and dolls!


Mat said...

hope you do lots more posts kate

Petra said...

wow, some amazing work :) thanks for sharing!