January 15, 2012

Happy January...

January is a month
Of cold and ice and sleet,
But don't you worry, brother,
We're turning on the heat!

I love this vintage calender insert painted by Peruvian pin-up artist Alberto Vargas. Dating from 1944, it certainly brightens up the post-christmas blues. Vargas was one of the best of his time, demonstrating a flawless technique usually with watercolours and air-brushing. 

The poem is great too, I've been trying to figure out why in place of the 15th there is a funny little squiggle. Any ideas? 

I can't quite believe this is my first post of 2012, I had a busy month back, moving house, with an unfortunate non-existent network connection whilst working lots over the festive retail period- has not left a great deal of time for posts. Lots more to come!

Happy January everyone! x


Mat said...

the 15 is funny isn't it, maybe it was made on the 15th and it's a nod to that. no idea though really

S.MILLI said...

Cute as.

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Daven Thomas said...
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Mini Moroc said...

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