February 01, 2012

Viv, Malcolm and some teddies...

Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren in their shop 'Let It Rock' circa 1972

I have been such an avid fan of these two for as long as I can remember. They are probably two of my most favourite people, perfectly embodying youth and eccentricity, an incredible partnership completely ahead of their time. 

Malcolm showing off some snazzy attire in their shop, which paid homage to American culture and 1950's Rock & Roll. Originally this was a lucrative idea to rebel against the hippie culture and fashion of the early 70's.

Vivienne; an icon in the making. Loving the kitsch decor in the shop and her fluffy yellow jumper. 

Malcolm showcasing the shops stock surrounded by 1950's American rock & roll memorabilia.

Venus; An early design by the duo combining unusual materials such as horse hair, rubber tyre trim and studs. 

Rock : Bolied chicken bones, leather and chains.

Some ace tattooed teddies

Most probably a late 70's Teddy boy judging by the bright attire; brilliantly sticking out like a red thumb.

Teddy wedding, some ace suits and quiffs, not to mention the leopard lapels.

Such a bunch of dudes xxx


Alli Marsay said...

haha i love the teddy wedding! and Viv's fluffy jumper! wow xxx

Mat said...

some cracking images you have found there. ace wedding shot

www.frockazine.com said...

wow thepic of teddy wedding is a really cool find! and vivienne in the yellow fluffy jumper - she looks just like a chick!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Loving it all, especially the interiors shot.

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