June 10, 2011

Bejewelled Bandolino's and Booth & Bruce

Is it wrong to be in love with a pair of shoes? I literally fell head over heels when I saw these beauties on Ebay. I've been scouring a lot lately on there mostly looking for shoes but have never seen any like this before. They are Vintage Bandilino lipstick red suede loafers and to my delight apparently dating back from the eighties! yay! 

They were an absolute bargain $16.95 I think. Remind me of Dorothy's Ruby slippers crossed with La Roux's interesting footwear choices. I can't wait to wear them!!!

Booth & Bruce Blue Tortoise shell spectacles...another new love in my life. 

Having had my eyes tested a month or so back, I indeedy needed some specs and chose these stunning glasses from Seen Opticians which is in St Anne's Arcade, Manchester. I was recommended there by a friend and it all sounded too good to be true so I thought I'd go and have a wander in. Little did I know, there are so many unique and beautiful specs to buy in this wonderful shop, you really should check it out if you've never been! The staff are super lovely too, an ace lady Collette helped me pick them out. They are pricey in there though, I was lucky enough to have my birthday soon enough!

Unfortunately I only need them for short-sight, reading and when I'm typing but I love wearing them at most opportunities (well when I'm in work), everything just becomes more magnified.  They are dark tortoise shell with pale blue transparent arms with a pale blue stripe running through the frame too. Some people have even been kind enough to say they look Audrey Hepburn esque! 
I love them they are so lush! 


LAURA joanne MULLEN said...

love love love!x

Malise said...

ooh the shoes are soooooo pretty!

Mat said...

mega! very you kate

Kate Alexandra McLeish said...

Thanks! guys x