September 14, 2011

Beautiful Buildings...

Here are some photographs I took whilst wandering around the beautiful city of Corfu. I wasn't expecting the place to be as grand as it was nor how old the buildings were in their picturesque crumbling state. It was extremely hot when I was visiting last month, as you can probably tell from the well-lit buildings and shadows scattered across the stone facades.

I was in awe of the painted pastel wooden shutters, colorful coving, swirly cast iron verandas and warm terracotta washed buildings. It was fascinating looking at all of the structures, some that I noticed were incredibly symmetrical. The town exuded so much character and nostalgic memoirs, I couldn't help but imagine what it used to be like in the 30's.

A town that appeared untouched and decaying with beauty. It had such a great bustling and slowly up and coming cosmopolitan vibe.



meadows said...

This is soooo greenful house and enjoy, love it! :-) by pR

icmpackers said...

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